​​​It's Here, by student  demand !   

Cate's guided Alexander Technique "Lie Down" audio  $25 ​​

Take the time and space to let yourself be restored during a 20 minute "LieDown", practicing the principles of the Alexander Technique.

Five minute directions included!

Paypal will notify me you've purchased and I will email you a link to download the audio. Enjoy!!

What some people are sharing already:

"Cate, thank you. This is so helpful to have the guided lie down to keep me focused. Also, your voice is so beautiful." ~MET, NYC

"I adore it!" It's phenomenal!" ~Lindsey Vestal, NYC

"The 'lie down' is good practice with the moving the arms and legs, and it's nice to lie down and have it all done for me."  ~Brooks B. NYC

"Alexander Technique is the unlearning of the habits that are causing you pain and allowing a fresh new moment in movement"         ~ Cate McNider

Cate McNider -  Alexander Technique Teacher
AmSAT nationally certified & insured
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All artwork copyright by Cate McNider, background here: 'Energy', acrylic on paper. All Photos by Lauren Greenberg of me and me working with my student.   My artworks and paintings can be seen on Instagram account:  catemcnider.  For purchasing interest: email me and I'll get it to you.

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